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Our achivements


Our achivements - titles:
4x World Winner, 4x Champion International d´Exposition, 14x Champion, 4x Juniorchampion, 2x Veteran Champion, 2x I.BIS -Best Puppy, II. BIS - Best Veteran, I. BOG, II.BOG, IV.BOG,

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Quality Guarantee


Our credo is that good name means a commitment!

We guarantee a professional approach to farming:

  • raising in the natural conditions
  • responsible cover - quality selection of breeding
  •  high maintenance of parents and puppies
  • veterinary care at the highest level
  • 100% rearing service










Natural conditions

In both of our kennels, breeding dogs are in natural conditions on fresh and healthy air. They have enough movement out and are kept within the family environment, having constant contact with humans. Our kennels are dedicated only to breeding of this breed.

Selection of parents of the puppies

The origin of dogs and their ancestors should be of interest of any future owner, even if he/she buys just a friend and does not plan breeding. The relatedness of parents may relate to the puppy´s health problems: a inbreeding is not visible, but possesses a serious problem. We take seriously genetically-related diseases, seek genetic variability and our breed is strictly based on the principles of breeding in rare population, in particular:

  • we consider sufficient distance of the parents
  • not repeat the same coverage
  • we strive to refresh blood. 

Quality - not quantity

We breed on individuals with a healthy and balanced character (both, male and female dogs, pass a preventive health check-ups before covering). We are very responsible in making breedings pairs. The most importand values we watch is health and pedigree. We guarantee the health of parents and pups. The postpartum females have a rest to generate and new puppies have the best care.

We have one litter at the time and so we can fully pay attention for the entire duration, before they go to new owners.

About our dogs, we have an overview of two to three generation back and we are not aware of any contingent inherited disease (eg blood, eye, metabolic defects, epilepsy, inability of natural birth).


We basically feed our dogs with meat of the highest quality, vegetables and high quality granules. The puppies leave us in great shape and get the nutritional packages of not opened bags of granules to take with, or a different kind of diet /(we accustomed the dogs to a special diet according to the wishes of the future owners). We feed the dogs with food of organic quality from our own production Syrinx Bohemia.

Veterinary care 

Our dogs are cared for by a renowned veterinary clinic; the are tended by the president of the Czech Association of Veterinary Doctors for Small Animals MVDr. Jiri Beranek.

You can expect from us

You can get a healthy happy puppy with excellent pedigree. We are pleased to advertise the puppy on our website. You are always welcome to ask us for advice and help. We are ready for lifelong contact with the owners of our wonderful puppies.

The purchase agreement is signed in the language of the purchaser´s choice (in Czech, English, German); you can also choose the language for so called "puppy Manual" in which you will find everything you should know about the needs of your puppy (feeding, care, education).

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